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  • Botox Cosmetic - lessen dynamic wrinkles (from muscle movement)
  • Juvederm - add volume and fullness to static wrinkles (from loss of tissue)
  • Botox Therapeutic - recalcitrant migraine headaches, excessive sweating, spasticity
  • Refresh yourself!

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Home Towne

Home Towne

A Different Kind of Clinic

Home Towne Family Medicine is a new style of clinic that combines the latest technology, up-to-date medicine, comfortable surroundings, and attention to personal service. To make it easy, we offer evening hours, and can usually accommodate you on the same day if you call in the morning. Over the years, we have gained the trust of local residents as the neighborhood independent clinic of choice.


A Different Kind of Service

For the convenience of our patients, we now offer Cosmetic Procedures as part of our comprehensive patient services. These procedures ackowledge some of our needs to roll back the superficial effects of time and experience. We feel it is an advantage to have these procedures in our comfortable surroundings performed by familiar medical professionals.


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Home Towne Beauty is a subsidiary of Home Towne Family Medicine and primarily serves its existing patient base.

To make an appointment for Home Towne Beauty, please call the main clinic number and specifically ask to be scheduled for a beauty visit.